Creativity and the Lack of Noise

Where are you the most creative?  A busy coffee shop?  A silent library?  The world shut out?  Or does the busy world inspire you?

I think I’m inbetween.  I’m at my best when trying to solve a problem.  The outside world may inspire me.  However, if someone is constantly asking me questions during that creative thinking process, then I may get crabby and forget what I was thinking out.

An isolated writing cabin in the woods sounds great until you realize that you are alone with your thoughts.  It’s that quiet.  You can hear yourself think.  Which isn’t the same as hearing your characters think.

A noisy TV?  Oh, that’s just distracting.   I will get no work done then.  Tvs and movies are off, zip, and silenced while I work.  My thoughts are occupied by the show and not my work.

Other people, my guy, for instance, seem to work better if there is some white noise.  It helps them concentrate.  I can’t even begin to fathom how that’s helpful with writing.  If I do, then I start writing about the characters in the bright glowing box.  Which is great.  But someone has already written about them. :)

What is your perfect environment for creativity?

Google Adwords Luv

I’m in the middle of figuring out Google adwords.  I’ve used it before about 5 years ago and there seem to be huge improvements.

However, the landing page score, which seems to set the bid price is what?

So if you underbid, like me, because I’m getting it setup and learning the system; then the landing score goes down.  Presumbly, because no one has clicked on your ad.   But if you constantly downgrade the ‘website landing page’ and raise the price, then what is the motivation to raise your bid?  My website landing pages have not changed.  Only the perception that google has that they don’t provide relevant ‘interesting’ material.

ie.  no one is clicking on them.

Well, no one is clicking on them because I have a lower bid on everything.  Not because I don’t exactly have something that’s directly tied those keywords.

I know that some marketing or advertising folks are probably going to giggle at my innocence about keywords.

I suppose this means that some of the biggest brands competing for my keywords pay pennies compared to the $5.00 they want from me for a single click.

I don’t use adwords for this website.  Hopefully, you have found it due to the awesomeness of google’s search results.  I’m not complaining.  I get frustrated with the self fulfilling results.  Your search results are poor and therefore we will dig you deeper into search engine results, so your website has even less visibility.


Capaldi and the Doctor

I’ve only just watched the opening episode for Capaldi’s Doctor Who.  Overall, I liked it.  It was full of manic energy, referenced other doctor’s as he found his outfit and resembled Tom Baker a bit.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

What I wanted to talk about was the suspension of belief and fantasy/science fiction.

In this episode the Tardis has become lodged in a TRex’s throat and is coughed out into Victorian London.

Now what’s a Tardis?  It’s an old police box that is now a spaceship/time travel machine.  Very iconic.  Did you know that the London Police don’t have any licensing rights to it?  It’s now the property of the BBC.

So its large enough on the outside to be an enormous phone booth.  If y’all remember phone booth’s that you could walk into of course.  Think at least four feet by four feet as an outward dimension.

Okay, so now that we have established some size parameters for an object lodged in a dinosaur’s throat.  How large did the dinosaur have to be?  It was shown to be Godzilla sized.

No one seems to have quibbles about this part of the episode.  It means the T-Rex can be seen and heard across London, that the Doctor can see it go up in flames, and all sorts of things.

But really, were the dinosaurs that large? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

For a writer to pull that a time traveling dinosaur can cough up a phone booth the reader needs to buy into the myth or story.

Can your story pull that off?

  • Do you have some ‘rules’ that makes sense.
  • Do even your characters buy into it?
  • Is there a payoff for them buying into it?
  • Is this a main point, or is it a secondary story?  A secondary story is more likely to be forgiven than the scrappy heroine somehow manages to invent FTL drive, build a spaceship, and then destroy the alien fleet in 24 hours.
  • Is this supposed to confuse the reader?  Philip K. Dick is an example.

I mean, is there any actual science behind a Vulcan mind meld?

Free plot!

One of the books that I would like to read has never been written.  If you find it please let me know.

The plot basically goes like this.

Spaceship travels through space.  ( See it’s already original!)

There is no conflict, everyone gets along, and even the hydroponics don’t break.


Okay, so maybe a few first time writers have written that book.  But not many of them get published. :)

Plot surprises

It’s not a surprise when you kill off the fourth or fifth side character.  You can only surprise your readers so much.

Unless your characters are in a large firefight for their lives, it’s unlikely 5 characters will randomly die within a week.

Just saying.

Is Twitter worth it?

I’ve gotten 50 or so followers in the past couple of weeks.  Right after I pruned my follow list from 2000 to 1400 or so.  My twitter handle is: @butterflyforge, if you want to follow.

Have I have gotten work from it?  Precious little.

Have I been entertained?  Sure.

And lately I seem to be hanging out there more than linked in.  Linked in is full of people that want to advertise to me.  I can only read so many boring informational articles.  I don’t think linked in has thought leaders.  I think it has a bunch of people that have read marketing graphs that state that linked in is great for B to B marketing.

Let me tell you.  I don’t want to connect to people that are going to spam my mailbox.

Right now I’m connected to 1894 people.  Of those, I’ve met precious few in real life.  If I connect, it doesn’t mean we are friends, I want to buy from you, or anything.  Post something funny and I might read it.


Google Adwords

I started the first google adwords campaign yesterday.  It’s still waiting to be approved.  Overall, I think they have improved the process a lot since I first used it five years ago.  Back then, my ads were showing up in Europe.  And then I had a local business.  So that was totally not what I wanted to pay for.  So I cancelled it.

Some of my competitors have used it to this day.  Are they larger?  Perhaps, it was one of those roads not taken type of thing.

After I get the first one up and running, I’m going to look at the display ads as well.

I already like marketing things instead of my professional services.  It’s much less work.