Is Twitter worth it?

I’ve gotten 50 or so followers in the past couple of weeks.  Right after I pruned my follow list from 2000 to 1400 or so.  My twitter handle is: @butterflyforge, if you want to follow.

Have I have gotten work from it?  Precious little.

Have I been entertained?  Sure.

And lately I seem to be hanging out there more than linked in.  Linked in is full of people that want to advertise to me.  I can only read so many boring informational articles.  I don’t think linked in has thought leaders.  I think it has a bunch of people that have read marketing graphs that state that linked in is great for B to B marketing.

Let me tell you.  I don’t want to connect to people that are going to spam my mailbox.

Right now I’m connected to 1894 people.  Of those, I’ve met precious few in real life.  If I connect, it doesn’t mean we are friends, I want to buy from you, or anything.  Post something funny and I might read it.


Google Adwords

I started the first google adwords campaign yesterday.  It’s still waiting to be approved.  Overall, I think they have improved the process a lot since I first used it five years ago.  Back then, my ads were showing up in Europe.  And then I had a local business.  So that was totally not what I wanted to pay for.  So I cancelled it.

Some of my competitors have used it to this day.  Are they larger?  Perhaps, it was one of those roads not taken type of thing.

After I get the first one up and running, I’m going to look at the display ads as well.

I already like marketing things instead of my professional services.  It’s much less work.


Early Morning Musings

  • Coffee is good
  • Why didn’t I look at the website instructions on youtube sooner?
  • Google adwords has some interesting graphs that encourage you to up your bids.  I was playing around with it last night.  It looks like they have set up the graphs to show you how much money you could be missing out on.  I get why they do that, that’s how they keep the lights on at the mighty google.  But their graphs do not show what you need.  An estimate of how much you should pay per search term.
  • Product pages are landing pages.  I guess that is an obvious solution to creating hundreds of pages.  I guess I could create a few product landing pages that have links to several different landing pages.
  • Almost no one reads this blog.  *sigh*
  • I’ve been reading the first of Robert Jordan’s monolithic books.  It’s pretty good.  I hadn’t read it before because the books were so large.  Not that I’m intimidated by large books, but it would be too heavy to lug around.  Now its on my kindle and I’m happily chugging my way through it.


Do you always take the safer route?

Do you always take the safer route?

Not bothering people?  Saying sorry, I made a mistake when other people are clearly in the wrong?

Sometimes it seems that it’s easier to accept blame than to stand up for what you believe in.    That thing that you didn’t understand?  Whoops, it must be your fault even though the contract was purposely vague and misleading.

Is it safer to pay the extra interest on your credit card, just because you don’t want to ask for a reduction?  Perhaps.

Is it safer to go to lunch with borish co-workers so that you can network?  Perhaps.

Is it safer to accept people bad mouthing your writing on Amazon reviews?

Welllll…..  There seems to very little upside in responding to any type of review on Amazon.  If it’s a positive review, then they think you are creepy to respond.  If it’s a negative review, then the trolls can pounce.

There are truly books out there that deserve negative reviews.  However, self-published books seem to take an extra beating on the amazon reviews.  One of the ways to attract trolls is to participate in online communities.  Your happy little announcement about your first book, is likely to garnish some unwanted attention.  In fact, some pre-publishing announcements on goodreads have attracted trolls.  How someone can review a book that hasn’t been written yet, is beyond me.

So would you like to play it safe?  How do you publicize a self published book?

One:  Don’t announce it in a writer’s community.  They are your competitors, not your customers.

Two:  Don’t proclaim it to be the best book that has ever been written in the history of time.

Three:  Keep away from posting fake reviews yourself.  It’s bad form and is prohibited.

Four: Create your own website/blog that promotes your books and writing.

Five:  Create a publishing company.  It looks more professional, even if Createspace is publishing the book.

Six:  Have someone proofread it at least once.  It’s easy to miss your own mistakes when reading.  Your brain inserts the missing words and corrects the spelling.  Having people read the book is a great thing.  Make sure that they love your genre.  If you have a romance book, it’s unlikely that steampunk enthusiast will get past the standard tropes of that genre.


Blogs and how they work.

I have a few different blogs and I also read a few random blogs each week.  I’ve noticed a few things:

  • Many blogs have spam comments.  It gives the impression that there is no intelligent conversation to be had with the blogger.  They don’t moderate the blog, nor do they respond to any questions.
  • Business blogs are usually quite boring.   You might as well be reading an advertising informational article.  They often lack a point of view.  Did they buy those articles?
  • SEO instructions usually specify that you should repeat key words a lot.  book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader. book beta reader.
  • You are supposed to tag every image…..  *looks around for images*
  • Facebook and Twitter followers follow links.  Honestly, I look at my one web stats enough to know that is a giant lie.  If you don’t have compelling content or ‘click bait’ it’s unlikely that anyone is going to follow your facebook or twitter links.  Put those out there to please your followers there, don’t expect huge amounts of traffic from other sites.
  • There are ultra cool sites where people talk about the awesomeness of their own life.  I highly doubt most of that is true.  No one is that awesome.  I can send all the tweets to amanda palmer I like, it’s doesn’t mean I’m hanging out at her place this coming friday night.  If I was hanging out with her in the studio, I’d hardly be talking to her on twitter. (If you don’t know who she is, you should.)
  • Rage against whatever.  My favorite of these are the feminist articles that complain that they are enraged by insignificant issues.  Like the guardians of the galaxy character gamora wasn’t fully developed.  I’m shocked, shocked that a space opera shot em up movie uses stock characters.
  • Food blogs.  Oh these are awesome, more please.
  • Geek Blogs that review mass produced geek items.  I’m sorry, if it’s coming over from china in an enormous container, it’s not rare or collectible.

Anyway, that’s all that comes to mind for now.  I will report later with non-important information and news as I see fit.


Morning Thoughts

My cat likes to wake me up so she can be fed.  And then immediately takes another nap.

Prepackaged foods either have half a serving or one and half servings.

I have way too many chairs in my home office.  I recently downsized my office and I have 4 swivelly office chairs.  I’m taking at least two to the Goodwill next week.  #reclaimmyfloorspace.

Why is that I have 3 closets full of clothes?  I wear about 10 outfits on a regular basis?

It’s raining.

I just listened to a google plus hangout.  Those people were way too much awake.

I’m gotten 40 new twitter followers this week.  I can’t figure it out either.

Is being a hipster a marketing tool?  Or do hipsters go home and put on a suit?

Spam and more spam

When we send out our advertising spam to the universe we think we have sent out the golden missive.  It’s wonderous, it’s hilarious, and mostly we think people will immediately buy our products.

There seems to be a huge uptick in wordpress spam.  For those who don’t have a wordpress site, if a website owner approves a comment, the comment gets a track back to the commentator’s website.  This is huge for SEO.  Or in plain english, google ranks a website higher if there are more links to it.

And the higher the google rank, the more money or prestige a website has.

Go to, an amazon site, if you want to see how your favorite websites are ranked.  Now check out how your own website is ranked.  Ouch.  That low ranking keeps it from being found.  Keeps the comment rank low.  And worst of all it makes your own monetary reward be very low.

And this is okay if you have a local business that people are going to google by name.  However, if you have a restaurant, for instance, did you know that yelp will almost always rank higher than your own site?   Okay, so you knew that.  But that’s the sort of economic pressure that web-based businesses are in.

So, that’s the back ground.  Now how do people compensate for that?

Nice blog

Nice website

That was such an interesting insight that you should post more.

I learned so much

So………….. only someone who is below the age of eleven would be fooled into thinking those are real comments.  And rightly so, there are giant bots out there sending millions of comments to wordpress sites.  Why wordpress?  They have an open architecture and let people see the code.  In addition, there are millions upon millions of wordpress sites out there.

Now comes the crazy part, people are just writing any sort of tripe in comments now.

Insert crazy airport mental wanderings

Insert stuff about wonder food

Insert stuff about north korea

Insert stuff that I have no fucking idea what it’s about.

So while my comment section remains moderated, I can certainly see why people are turning off the comments section of their word press site.  And if you have a wordpress site and were wondering if it’s just you?  No.  No.  No.  You are not the only one getting all the crazies trying to post comment spam.

What is a Beta Reader?

What is a Beta Reader?  A Beta Reader is person who reads a book or story before it is sent out to the harsh cruel world of agents, editors, or epublishing.  A beta readers should give constructive critism and helpful advice to the author.  Copious notes are returned to the author, and then they consider whether or not that advice should be heeded.  There are usually multiple beta readers for a book or a short story.